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The personnel of Vaino Invest has more than 15 years of experience in logistics. Our aim is to provide our customers with —Āomplex solutions that satisfy all the needs and expectations of our customers. Offering our clients a high quality service is the key to our success. In our work, we support our staff’s dedication and commitment to gain more experience, which in turn makes it possible to offer our Client the best quality services possible.

Vaino Invest cooperates with the most well-known shipping companies who offer their services in the Russian Federation, the member-states of the CIS, the Baltic States and Finland.





 - Forwarding of various groups of goods in the Baltic states, the Russian Federation, countries of the CIS and Finland
- Provision of rolling stock on a technical trip
- Multimodal transportation
- Other services

MISSION: Creation of the highest quality of results for the customer through commitment and competence.

VISION: To be an important and trusted partner in the logistics’ market.